multilingual information processing department
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Welcome to the
Multilingual Information Processing Department
at the University of Geneva

Our research focuses primarily on multilingual applications which are relevant to either translation in the broad sense, or to translators and terminologists in particular. For many years, TIM was mandated by the Suissetra Association (Association suisse pour la promotion des outils d'aide à la traduction - click here for a brochure) to ensure a Swiss presence in projects and programs related to the language technologies sector. Today, TIM participates in research projects, both at the national and international levels, in domains as varied as the evaluation of machine translation systems (FNRS FEMTI project), automatic speech-to-speech translation (MedSLT), teaching translation technologies (TransTech and MeLLANGE) and multimodality (IM2). The numerous publications, and both completed and ongoing doctoral theses, attest to the diversity of research carried out in these areas.

In addition to carrying out research, we are also involved in a wide range of teaching activites at both the Bachelor and Master's level, and have a number of Post-doctoral students.

The TIM department is also part of several international networks such as EAMT (European Association for Machine Translation) and Computerm (Réseau des organismes suisses ayant des activités terminologiques). It also contributes to the organisation of numerous conferences and scientific workshops such as COLING 2004 (The 20th International Conference on Computational Linguistics) and the Generative Approaches to the Lexicon (GL) workshop series.