Coling 2008
Workshop on
Speech Processing for Safety Critical Translation and Pervasive Applications

Manchester, Saturday 23 August, 2008

In connection with Coling 2008, the 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Programme including demo session now available

Call for Papers

Two ideas currently gaining popularity in spoken dialogue construction are safety critical translation and pervasive speech-enabled applications. Safety critical, and in particular, medical, applications have emerged as one of the most popular domains for speech translation. At the first workshop on medical speech translation, held at HLT 2006, a measure of consensus emerged on at least some points. The key issue that differentiates the medical domain from most other application areas for speech translation is its safety-critical nature; systems can realistically be field- deployed now or in the very near future; the basic communication model should be collaborative, and allow the client users to play an active role; and medical systems are often most useful when deployed on mobile devices. This last point offers a natural link to pervasive computing applications, where spoken language technologies provide an effective and natural interface for mobile devices in situations where traditional modes of communication are less appropriate.

However, there is so far little agreement on many central questions, including choices of architectures, component technologies, and evaluation methodologies. In this workshop we hope that people interested in these types of application will meet, exchange ideas and demo live systems.


Submissions may be of the following kinds:

Papers should be submitted via the START submission web page. All submissions should use the same style and format as for the main conference. Style files can be downloaded from the Coling 2008 style guidelines page. Author information should be included in the papers, since reviewing will NOT be blind.

Workshop Programme

Saturday, August 23, 2008
9:30–9:40Opening Remarks
 Session 1: Architectures for Speech Translation
09:40–10:05Mitigation of Data Sparsity in Classifier-Based Translation
Emil Ettelaie, Panayiotis G. Georgiou and Shrikanth S. Narayanan
10:05–10:30Speech Translation with Grammatical Framework
Björn Bringert
 Session 2: Pervasive Speech Applications
11:00–11:25An Integrated Dialog Simulation Technique for Evaluating Spoken Dialog Systems
Sangkeun Jung, Cheongjae Lee, Kyungduk Kim and Gary Geunbae Lee
11:25–11:50Economical Global Access to a VoiceXML Gateway Using Open Source Technologies
Kulwinder Singh and Dong-Won Park
11:50–12:15Interoperability and Knowledge Representation in Distributed Health and Fitness Companion Dialogue System
Jaakko Hakulinen and Markku Turunen
 Session 3: Speech Translation Demos
14:00–15:30The 2008 MedSLT System
Manny Rayner, Pierrette Bouillon, Jane Brotanek, Glenn Flores, Sonia Halimi, Beth Ann Hockey, Hitoshi Isahara, Kyoko Kanzaki, Elisabeth Kron, Yukie Nakao, Marianne Santaholma, Marianne Starlander and Nikos Tsourakis
14:00–15:30Language Understanding in Maryland Virtual Patient
Sergei Nirenburg, Stephen Beale, Marjorie McShane, Bruce Jarrell and George Fantry
14:00–15:30Rapid Portability among Domains in an Interactive Spoken Language Translation System
Mark Seligman and Mike Dillinger
 Session 4: Speech Translation Systems
16:00–16:25Speech Translation for Triage of Emergency Phonecalls in Minority Languages
Udhyakumar Nallasamy, Alan Black, Tanja Schultz, Robert Frederking and Jerry Weltman
16:25–16:50Speech to Speech Translation for Nurse Patient Interaction
Farzad Ehsani, Jim Kimzey, Elaine Zuber, Demitrios Master and Karen Sudre
 Session 5: A Shared Task for Medical Speech Translation?
16:50–17:05A Small-Vocabulary Shared Task for Medical Speech Translation
Manny Rayner, Pierrette Bouillon, Glenn Flores, Farzad Ehsani, Marianne Starlander, Beth Ann Hockey, Jane Brotanek and Lukas Biewald
17:05–closePanel Discussion


Workshop23 August

Programme committee

Laurent Besacier - U Grenoble, France
Pierrette Bouillon (co-chair) - U Geneva, Switzerland
Mike Dillinger - SpokenTranslation, US
Farzad Ehsani (co-chair) - Fluential, US
Glenn Flores - U Texas, US
Robert Frederking (co-chair) - CMU, US
Hitoshi Isahara - NICT, Japan
Michael McTear (co-chair) - U Ulster, Northern Ireland
Shri Narayanan - USC, US
Aarne Ranta - U Gothenburg, Sweden
Manny Rayner (co-chair) - U Geneva, Switzerland
Tanja Schultz - U Karlsruhe, Germany
Harold Somers - U Manchester, UK, and Dublin City U, Ireland
Bowen Zhou - IBM, US

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