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Workshop on Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks 2009


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Session 1 - Chair: Aoife Cahill :
8:30–9:00Exploration of the LTAG-Spinal Formalism and Treebank for Semantic Role Labeling
Yudong Liu and Anoop Sarkar
9:00–9:30Developing German Semantics on the basis of Parallel LFG Grammars
Sina Zarrieß
9:30–10:00Mining of Parsed Data to Derive Deverbal Argument Structure
Olga Gurevich and Scott Waterman
10:30–12:10 Demos (with quick fire presentations)
Parallel Grammar Engineering for Slavic Languages; Tania Avgustinova and Yi Zhang
HaG - An HPSG of Hausa; Berthold Crysmann
EGAD: Erroneous Generation Analysis and Detection; Michael Goodman and Francis Bond
Deverbal Nouns in a Semantic Search Application ; Olga Gurevich, Scott A. Waterman, Dick Crouch and Tracy Holloway King
A Web-interface for Eliciting Lexical Type of New Lexemes ; Joshua Hou
Session 2 - Chair: Yusuke Miyao :
13:30–14:00Autosegmental representations in an HPSG for Hausa
Berthold Crysmann
14:00–14:30Construction of a German HPSG grammar from a detailed treebank
Bart Cramer and Yi Zhang
14:30–15:00Parenthetical Constructions - an Argument against Modularity
Eva Banik
15:00–15:30Using Artificially Generate Data to Evaluate Statistical Machine Translation
Manny Rayner, Paula Estrella, Pierrette Bouillon, Beth Ann Hockey and Yukie Nakao
Session 3 - Chair: Karel Oliva :
16:00–16:30Using Large-scale Parser Output to Guide Grammar Development
Ascander Dost and Tracy Holloway King
16:30–17:00A generalized method for iterative error mining in parsing results
Daniël de Kok, Jianqiang Ma and Gertjan van Noord
17:00–18:00 Discussion
Discussion leader Joakim Nivre