The Multimedia unit

A multimedia declaration lists a sequence of multimedia files for each multimedia ID. (See Level 4). The files are tried in order. The first time the student reaches the step which uses the multimedia ID in question, the first file is used; the second time, the second file is used instead. When the end of the sequence is reached, the last file is repeated as many times as necessary.

In practice, the most common choice is to have two files. The first one gives the normal prompt, and the second one says something like “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand”, maybe followed by repeating the prompt.

A typical Multimedia declaration looks like this:

Id hello
File hotel_Danule_1.wmv
File hotel_Danule_pardon.wmv

The Multimedia declaration starts with a line containing the single word Multimedia and ending with a line containing the single word EndMultimedia. There must be exactly one line starting with Id (the multimedia ID), and at least one line starting with File (the files).

You must have a multimedia declaration for every multimedia ID used in your scripts.