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Our Team

The core CALLSLT platform is being developed at ETI/TIM (School of Interpretation and Translation), Geneva University, by Manny Rayner, Pierrette Bouillon and Nikos Tsourakis.

The Web deployment architecture is being developed by Matthew Fuchs, (Paideia Computing) and Nikos Tsourakis.

Content for French is by Pierrette Bouillon.

Content for English is by Manny Rayner.

Content for Japanese is by Yukie Nakao (University of Nantes), Ian Frank (Future University, Hakodate) and Manny Rayner.

Content for German is by Johanna Gerlach and Claudia Baur.

Content for Greek is by Marianne Santaholma (SVOX), Nikos Tsourakis and Manny Rayner.

Content for Swedish is by Manny Rayner and Elisabeth Kron.

Content for Arabic (student language only) is by Sonia Halimi and Pierrette Bouillon

Content for Chinese (student language only) is by Quinglu Zhang (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies) and Pierrette Bouillon.

Content for Italian (student language only) is by Cristiana Cervini, Rachel Gasser and Anna Mandich (University of Bologna) and Pierrette Bouillon.

The CALL-SLT website was designed by Cathy Chua (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) and Manny Rayner.

We are interested in collaborating with people who have ideas for developing new content. If you would like to discuss possibilities, feel free to mail us at Emmanuel.Rayner@unige.ch, Pierrette.Bouillon@unige.ch or Nikolaos.Tsourakis@unige.ch.