Spoken Language Translator

SLT is a prototype automatic speech translator. It is currently capable of translating spoken English queries in the domain of air travel planning into either French or Swedish, using a vocabulary of about 1200 words. The system is configured from general-purpose speech and language processing components, making it possible to reconfigure it fairly easily to new language pairs and application areas.

ISSCO has been involved in the French version of the system. It became operational fairly recently, and was publicly demonstrated for the first time at the Language Engineering Convention in London in October 1995.

Most of the information describing SLT are available on-line from SRI International. In particular, the SLT first-year report (Report CRC-043) draws a detailed picture of the system as of early 1994 and Rayner & Bouillon 1995 (Report CRC-056) gives a general view on the English-French Spoken Language Translator.

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