Definition and Exploitation for Sublanguage Description for MT in a finite domain, part I and II

These two projects have been founded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (Subsides no 12-42173.94 and 12-36505.92). They have been completed end of 1996.

Summary of the first part of the project

This project is concerned with the extraction of information from machine-readable texts, and more particularly information which can be used to assist in the construction of computer systems able to process such texts efficiently and accurately. Results include methods for automatically pairing words and phrases in translated texts, detecting passages within an extended pair of texts which may have been incorrectly translated, analysing input whose structure in known only approximately, and extending a partial grammar by adding rules that cover previously unrecognized input.

Summary of the second part of the project

The aim of the project was to (i) develop and evaluate methods which allow to extract information contained in corpora of a restricted domain and (ii) to compare the different representation in order to able to find automatically semantic equivalences between these units. The representation of information has been done by semantic tagging.

Final report (gzipped Postscript version)(written in French).

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