A Testbed Study of Evaluation Methodologies: Authoring Aids

The TEMAA project was funded by the European Commission LRE research grants, and by OFES in Switzerland. TEMAA is concerned with the elaboration of a general framework for the conception and development of evaluation methodologies in the area of language engineering.

The project adapted the existing ISO standard (ISO 9126: Software Product Evaluation - Quality Characteristics and Guidelines for their Use) to meet the requirements of language engineering products.

Now that the project is complete, its results are available to the general public. Subjects covered include:

The resulting framework forms the basis of a computerised evaluation environment, an evaluators' workbench which can be stocked with product descriptions, user profiles and libraries of tests to be applied to products. Execution of a specific evaluation can be parameterised to reflect the particular requirements of the customer of the evaluation.

The project used spelling checkers and grammar checkers as test cases for the evaluation methodology, and the presentations given in the seminar will draw upon these test cases. However, the methodology is meant to be generally applicable to language engineering products.

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