Test Suites for Natural Language Processing

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La descripción de este proyecto existe también en español.
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As part of the Linguistic Research and Engineering (LRE) Program launched by the CEC, TSNLP is a joint European research project on the design and use of test suites in Natural Language Processing. Concretely, it aims at developing a methodology and tools for the testing of NLP applications with test suites (TS).

In order to achieve these two goals, the traditional notion of a TS as a monolithic list of test items has been abandoned in favour of the notion of a database, where stored test items are associated with various types of annotations. From this database, purpose- and application-specific sets of test items can be extracted by searching on specific annotations or annotation types. The TS database can be seen as a ``virtual test suite'' which allows users to construct their own specialized TSs.

A number of tools are provided in order to facilitate the construction and use of test suites. The test data is stored in a UNIX database version and in two PC versions (FoxPro and Access).

TSNLP has developed the largest multilingual test suite database currently available. The data includes more than 14'000 test items, which cover the three languages English, French and German. The data is available through the TSNLP home page (no longer available).

The TSNLP members of the consortium are the University of Essex (project coordinator), ISSCO (Istituto Dalle Molle per gli studi semantici e cognitivi, University of Geneva), the CL department at DFKI (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für künstliche Intelligenz GmbH)Saarbrücken, and the Common Research Centre of Aerospatiale in Suresnes, France.

Contact: Sabine Lehmann

All the information about TSNLP is available at its home page (no longer available).

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