EUROCALL 2021 human/TTS freeform comments by language and type.


Comments for human voice

Natural, with correct intonation, but with variations of the pronunciation of the word "klæder", that could be confusing for a learner.

Natural. Pleasant.

A bit sharp, unnaturally clear s`s, uneven attitude to how to pronounce words fully or reduced and intonation seemed Odd, but maybe taken out of context

Sounded natural


natural, clear

Comments for TTS voice

Whole sentences are pronounced in a dull, unengaged way - does not reproduce the natural rhythm of spoken Danish. (stressing all words the same).

Artificial. Prosodi (stress and tempo) was a problem.

Dark and soft but where words were pronounced fine, in context it was Odd or wrong

Very synthetic


mechanical in sentences


Comments for human voice

the voice was fine but the background or quality of recording was not as good as in version 2 sounded natural colloquial. I liked that...felt intimate n kind.

Excellent reading voice, very good model for learning English pronunciation.

This voice is not appropriate for classical training

I found the accent was pronouncing some letters in a different way to Australian English .S sounds for eg

ba dheacair a chloisteáil cad a bhí á rá ag an gcainteoir

Ba dheacair éisteacht leis seo

There was a hint of an Australian accent in the version 1 voices, which is perfectly fine.

It was great, just sometimes the quality was annoying.

The speaker had an unpleasant accent. Also high pitched. It sounded foreign, not native.


queer and harsh,non-academic

Besides some problemes in the beginning pronunciation parts, the voice sounded much more natural.

more natural, clearer pronunciation

Near native speaker!

Comments for TTS voice

sounded natural but the speed of voice was very regular compared to version 1

This one also sounded good. ..n more formal than the first.its not casual but suits the tone for reading n teaching purposes esp. Novels stories n.....

Pronunciation of individual words nearly always correct (one error in a proper name), but prosody is usually not quite right. Compound nouns are a clear problem.

In my opinion it sounds academic, suitable for teaching purposes for

Formal tone .Similar to radio story voices .

ba ghuth maith é éisteacht leis

Bhí sé éasca éisteacht leis

Machine voice is perfect for pronouncing individual words, but not speech in context. The intonation and melody of the sentences did not sound natural and so could give learners a wrong impression. Learners are not supposed to speak like robots.

Mostly for the dialogues, it seems to lack emotion (intonation) and pauses where needed. But for the single words it was perfect.

Pleasant, quiet, high educated.


Sounded as a robot withouy any melodic intonation!

cold and monotone.

Native speaking!


Comments for human voice


Well she was a native speaker in wonder!!

If the recording software was better, it would be better.

Just perfect!



صدای ضبط شده از انسان واقعی بود. طبیعی، با لحن‌های درست و تلفظ‌های واضح

Great and beautiful


She seems native to me.

Great and completely correct

Indeed it was the voice of a native speaker!

good pronounce and intonation

it was great


Comments for TTS voice


That was a non native speaker of Persian that should be like this

Except prosody, that was a good experience.

He sounds like a rather advanced Persian learner.

The voice tself was very emotionless and foreign. Stress and intonation were not correct and some pronunciations were wrong.less and foreign. Stress and intonation was sometimes wrong. Pronunciations

بیشتر تلفظ‌ها درست اند‌ بیشترین ایراد در کسره‌ی اضافه است. اما لحن و فراز و فرود صدا طبیعی نیست

attractive and lovely


That was good but clearly he has to practice farsi more.

More exercises need to completely eliminate.


It was really good as second language

that was good but not enough

it was not natural


Comments for human voice

Many liaisons were missing, but if the public are children, I think this voice is interesting

The speed is too slow, although it could be only good for beginners.

I could hear some kind of accent (french accent of course) which might be a little difficult for learners to distinguish the words and phrases.

Native child speaking but the words pronounced with pressure

it sounds natural and the prosody is adapted

Probably nice for children, who might find this more attractive than an adult TTS. Some words are clearly mispronounced, it would be worth re-recording those sentences. Recording quality is good. Not sure adult learners would enjoy this though.

Comments for TTS voice

Pleasant to listen to

It sounds relatively natural.

clear enough for intermediate level not recommend it as an audio book though.

Native speaker!

the voice is too neutral

Correct intonation is lacking for some sentences, but aside from that, very nice TTS. Maybe not ideal for learning as it might be difficult to distinguish individual words.


Comments for human voice

Talhraðinn var hægur og mikil ofvöndun í framburði. Það var eins og það væri verið að lesa fyrir lítil börn.

Pronunciation was very clear. There was certain issues with intonation and pauses, though, which would sound unnatural for a native speaker.

This voice sounds more natural and speach is slower which is more comfortable to listen to.

In a few cases, two word ran together, and the last letter of the first word was "swallowed"

It is impossible to answer many of these questions since there are 16 different examples of "version 1". For example, in some cases "indvidual words" were correctly pronounced and in some cases not. Word stress/sentence stress is in many cases strange. Also, concerning "speed of speech"; it depends on the target group (for beginners or more advanced learners?)

Comments for TTS voice

Talhraðinn var sá sami og stundum var hún betri en númer eitt. En það voru framburðarfrávik í nokkrum setningum sem eru ekki ásættanleg í framburðarkennslu að mínu mati. Það þyrfti að laga þessa hnökra.

It was not clear enough in certain instances.

At times the voice sounded un-natural and some words were pronounced with too short pause between them.

Very clear pronounciation, easy to understand.

It is impossible to answer some of these questions since there are 16 different examples of "version 2". For example, in some cases "indvidual words" were correctly pronounced and in some cases not. Word stress/sentence stress is in many cases strange. Also, concerning "speed of speech"; it depends on the target group (for beginners or more advanced learners?)


Comments for human voice

Seemed very real. High quality

Very clear, easy to listen to

I found this voice easy to listen to and understand. She spoke at a good pace and pronounced her words clearly.

Easier to understand, clearer and precise

Oiriúnach don mhúinteoireacht

I found this voice easier to understand. The speed would be easier for teaching purposes.

good flow and the audio was clear

It was clear, correct tone and she spoke more clearer and slower so you could understand a lot more

I much preferred this voice. It was nice to listen to, easy to understand and hear.

Very fast

Cheap mé go raibh sé níos éasca é a thuiscint ná guta a haon. Labhair sí go soiléir agus níos moille ná guta a haon.

easy to listen to

understand and excitable

Upbeat, Clear

Bhí sé I bhfad níos soliéire.

Tá an guth sin ag caint go tapa agus anois is arís tá sé deacair chun é a thuig.

bhí sé deacair é a thuiscint uaireanta go háirithe d’fhoghlaimeoirí

An-mhaith. Foghraíocht mhaith.

This voice was pleasant and clear

Bhí guth na mban níos éasca a thuiscint. Bhí a guth lán de mhothúchán agus suimiúil éisteacht léi.

Comments for TTS voice

Prosody did not seem as good as voice 1

Pronunciation is perfect for the dialect but overall the voice is a bit more muffled than Version 2 and in some places too fast.

He spoke naturally however he was very fast which made some sentences difficult to understand

Very quick and harder to understand the pronunciation

Oiriúnach don mhúinteoireacht

I found it very quick and sometimes words muddled together. Other than that, it was good.

Not naturally paced and a tad bit muffled

It was quiet and soft which was hard to understand and make out at times

The Irish was all correct but I do not think this voice was pleasant to listen to and it could be difficult to differentiate between individual words

Very well spoken and easy to listen to

Cheap mé go labhraíonn sé an-tapa agus uaireanta, bhí sé deacair a thuiscint


Understable, but quite monotone


Bhí sé saghas deacair eisteacht le.

Thuig mé an guth sin níos mó. Tá sé ag caint ar luas oiriúnach dom.

bhí sé éasca a thuiscint agus bheadh ​​sé go maith d’fhoghlaimeoirí.

Go maith ach bhí Version 1 níos fearr agus níos cruinne leis an bhfoghraíocht.

While the voice has a clear synthetic sound, it is pleasant to listen to, and more importantly, accurate in its pronunciation.

This voice was clear and correct for the most part. There were a couple of instances where it was very creaky in the last syllable of the sentence. There was also one or two instances where the prosody did not sound perfectly correct. For the vast majority of sentences though it was excellent.

Shíl mé go raibh an fear monotón ach labhair sé go mall rud a bhí go maith.


Comments for human voice

Better intonation, sometimes there is a pronunciation error, but the voice is less clear than the previous one.

A regional inflexion is detectable, but emphasis was consistently placed according to meaning

Natural but with a strong accent


voice 2 sounds more "human" but the pronunciation is not standard in some cases and there is some background noise which could be problematic for people learning a new language.

It is pleasant to listen to but not clear enough for students under livel A2l

It is pleasant to listen to because the intonation is correct, but too quick for non natives, I think

Comments for TTS voice

The voice is very clear and pleasant to listen to, but there are often the intonation errors and lack of pauses between one word and another.

Mechanical, cold, unconnected with the content of the narrative

Not natural but clear


Pitch and intonation of voice one sound unnatural and ultimately wrong in italian

For level A2 A1 is ok, clear , but it sounds not natural, depends on the students, comprehension exercises are for certains student very difficults,, unfortunately it does not matter Who the speaker is

The intonation was not always correct, but the words were pronounced individually, which could be helpful for non natives


Comments for human voice

understand easily

Comments for TTS voice

understand easil


Comments for human voice

The speed is acceptable for intermediate learners and higher. And I enjoyed the intonations.

It sounded as if a native speaker was reading the text.

Comments for TTS voice

The correctness of the pronunciation seems to vary depending on the length of the sentence: when the sentence is long, some words are pronounced strangely. Sometimes it sounds like an English speaker is trying to pronounce words. But after all, it works fine with short sentences and so for beginner learners who are not that perfectionist.

The voice sounded unnatural, some words were not pronounced correctly and seemed to have a foreign accent (English?). I would not recommend it to be used for learning purposes as it contains pronunciation errors.


Comments for human voice


The tone are better accentuated.

Pronunciation is good - just one error - but the prosody is sometimes not quite right. The voice would probably be fine for a beginner to listen to, but I would not recommend for use with intermediate or advanced learners.

Comments for TTS voice

the experience with voice was good and pleasant to listen to but the speed was too regular and pauses between words were not as clearly marked as in version 2

A bit artificial and fast, but still pleasant

Excellent reading voice. One small error (omitted word). Audio quality not perfect but quite acceptable.