The reader portal

The reader portal works like this. As you read LARA texts, they are collected into your ‘reading history’ - everything you’ve read. When you start reading a new text, you can click on words and see where they previously occurred in your history. Usually, you’ll only have one reading history for each language you’re reading, but there’s nothing to stop you having several.

Here’s an example showing how you do it. Start by going into Chrome.


Sorry: so far, LARA only works properly under Chrome and Firefox. We’ve tested much more with Chrome.

Now go to the LARA Portal. If you haven’t used it before, click on SIGNUP and create an account and password for yourself, then enter. You should see a screen that looks like this:


Click on Reading texts and then on Add new reading history. You should now get something like this:


Choose a name for your reading history, say, MyEnglishProgress, choose English for the value of Reading language (you will be reading English texts), and pick some language, say French, for your preferred Translation language. Don’t worry about the other controls for now. Your screen should now look something like this:


Click Save, then go to the Add text tab, which should look something like this:


Choose peter rabbit from the dropdown list and then hit add.

Now you have created a simple reading history with one text, Peter Rabbit. Go to Read in the main menu, and you should see it there:


Click on the icon under View texts. You should get a popup showing you the contents of your reading history, which for now just consists of the first page of Peter Rabbit:


Click on the icon under Continue reading, and you should be shown page 1 of Peter Rabbit:


Click on Next at the bottom, and you should be shown page 2:


The colours show you how often a word has occurred: red means once, green means two or three times. So far, most words are in red, but we see that for example “the”, “and” and “were” have already turned green. Go forward a few pages until you reach the scene where Mr. McGregor chases Peter with his rake:


Some of the words have now turned blue (four or five occurrences), and a few are black (more than five occurrences). Click on the black word “and” to see places where it’s occurred so far. They should turn up on the right:


You should be able to hover your mouse over any word to hear it spoken and see a translation into the translation language (French). You should also be able to click on a loudspeaker icon to hear the preceding sentence.


You can also try testing your knowledge of Peter Rabbit. Click on Exercises on the left-hand menu and then select Flashcards. You should get a screen that looks like this:


Find the row for peter_rabbit and click on the icon under Take the test. You’ll get a menu asking you for number of flashcards and type. Choose “5 cards” and sentence with gap:


Now hit Start test and you’ll get a flashcard:


If you answer correctly, you’ll get a score and an audio control where you can listen to the text read aloud.


Hit the right arrow to get the next card (for some kinds of flashcards, this is automatic). When you reach the last flashcard, hitting the right arrow will show you a little icon at the bottom:


Clicking on the icon will give you a summary of how you did: