Interactive manuscripts and inscriptions

This page has links to examples showing you interactive versions of an Old Norse manuscript
and an inscription in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Try looking at them in Chrome or Firefox, hovering over things and clicking to see what happens.

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Old Norse manuscript

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Three verses from Völuspá, Tolkien's favourite Old Norse poem.
Each verse is presented both in the original 1280 manuscript form and also in a print version.
Hover over words in either version to see translations, click on them to hear the word spoken.


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The inscription says, roughly:
"Ox-leg for the ka (soul) of Senbi, the virtuous".
The first version shows it divided up into words,
and the second shows it divided up into individual hieroglyphs.
In both cases, hover over something to see what it is and click to hear it.
Audio recorded by Karim, who is native Egyptian.