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Evaluation of Translators' Aids

This part explores evaluation of translators' aids in the spirit of the paradigms described in chapter The Framework Model, (sections ISO 9126, Towards formalisation and automation, and Methods for system measurement). All of its contents should be considered as `work in progress'.

There are 4 sections, 3 of which refer further to a more elaborate appendix.

section Translators' aids: user profiles examines user profiles. Dimensions of translation tasks and organizations involving translators are listed. In Appendix User Profiles, values on these dimensions are elaborated and typical examples described.

Section Product typology describes types of translators' aids that are actually present on the market. Appendix Translation Tools lists and briefly describes products of 17 vendors of translators' aids.

Section Featurization describes the functionality of some typical translators' aids, esp. translation memories. Similar exercises are planned for other types of aid, e.g. term banks. It concludes with an introduction to actual feature checklists for translators' aids. Two such checklists are presented in Appendix Feature Checklist Examples.

Section Evaluation procedure treats evaluation procedure. It lists some general requirements for validation and testing and applies these to measurements on translation memory.