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Text types

Text type defines firstly what is the purpose of the text. General classes of text types are the following:

These classes are not mutually exclusive. For instance, advertising can be considered a subclass of marketing, and marketing a subclass of business. In addition, organizations are not restricted to one text type.

Text type also partly indicates what sort of terminology the text includes. Terminology can be general, field specific or company specific. In its own right, terminology can be classified endlessly. Under the type of technical text, different fields of terminology could be for instance:

Text type and terminology vary from text to text. Every organization uses normally several text types. An essential secondary dimension of translation activity is the set of different text types and their respective frequencies within an organization. Possibly some text type can be dominant, or it may be possible that there is a large set of text types of equal frequencies. Another secondary dimension along the same line is the set of different special sets of terminology that the organization uses and their respective sizes. The size of a set of terminology is understood here as the number of individual terms grouped under the set of terminology. Both of these could be described qualitatively as being between