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Canadian Workplace Automation Research Center


Translator's Workstation


Strictly speaking, the CWARC Translation Workstation (DOS) does not satisfy the first criteria above in the sense that you cannot actually buy it anywhere. However, it is included in these listings because a) there is some confusion in the translation world as to what it exactly is, and b) it is intrinsically interesting.

Initially, the CWARC, a group of Canadian researchers, designed an integrated translation system based on off-the-shelf commercial DOS packages (WordPerfect, MTX, the Termium CD-ROM, Verbatex, and CompareRite) and integrated them within the DOS multitasking system DESQview. CWARC has since added additional modules, including network capabilities, Le Robert Electronique, and Naturel, a full text retrieval system.

CWARC is planning to design a Windows version of the Workstation. While CWARC may also eventually add custom software modules which it has developed itself, the primary exercise was to create a translation tool suite based on existing software.

CWARC presents the Translation Workstation as a model, rather than a package.


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