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XL8 Code, XL8 Help, XL8 Documentation


Introduced in 1992, XL8 Code (DOS) is an interactive tool for translating and maintaining user interface text strings in C language source code. It is particulary strong in reusing previous translations and automatically handling revisions; its fuzzy matching algorithms scan new source language files for previously translated materials and make substitutions where possible. While it runs under DOS, XL/8 supports character sets from other platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, and Unix.

In early 1994, GlobalWare brought out complementary packages called XL8 Help and XL8 Documentation. The former is designed for translating help files, in particular the intricately structured help files of Windows programs; the latter is for translating product documentation. Used in tandem, the XL8 programs offer the possibility of standardizing terminology and user-interface text strings across the source code, help files, and documentation of a software package.

XL8 was originally developed by Los Angeles translation company IDOC for internal use. It later set up a separate, GlobalWare, to market the package commercially.

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