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Computing equipment

The SdT is in the process of migrating from a UNIX-based mainframe system where users were supplied with dumb terminals to a local area network platform where PCs are linked to UNIX servers. In fact, this migration is almost finished: the remaining three hundred terminals will be replaced by PCs over the course of 1995. PCs are distributed to the SdT staff on request. At the end of 1994, 800 PCs were already in service in Brussels and 400 in Luxembourg. Almost all are equipped with Windows interfaces and connected to the local area network. The network in Brussels and the network in Luxembourg are linked through IDNET.

In view of the accession of the new Member States, a skeleton computer environment was installed in the capitals of each of them in 1993, in order to allow the teams working on the revision of the translation of the secondary legislation to be adequately equipped. These environments were enlarged in 1994.