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Attributes of software that bear on the opportunity for its adaptation to different specified environments without applying other actions or means than those provided for this purpose for the software considered. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.6.1)

Attributes of software that bear on the effort needed to install the software in a specified environment. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.6.2)

Attributes of software that make the software adhere to standards or conventions relating to portability. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.6.3)

Attributes of software that bear on the opportunity and effort of using it in the place of specified other software in the environment of that software. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.6.4)


  1. Replaceability is used in place of compatibility in order to avoid possible ambiguity with interoperability.
  2. Replaceability with a specific software does not imply that this software is replaceable with the software under consideration.
  3. Replaceability may include attributes of both installability and adaptability. The concept has been introduced as a subcharacteristic of its own because of its importance.