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Short term

In the more immediate short term, limited resources and a desire to produce concrete results have led us to focus on adequacy evaluation of market or near-market products in two areas, writers' aids and translators' aids. Each of the two groups created to work on these areas has concentrated on one particular aspect of the overall task of setting up an evaluation methodology according to the guidelines outlined in chapter The Framework Model.

Writers' aids:
This group has concentrated on the methodology to be followed in elaborating measures and methods. A relatively small number of attributes has been taken into account, but the measures and methods for those attributes have been worked out in concrete detail.

Translators' aids:
This group has concentrated on the methodology for establishing pertinent attributes, i.e. for the construction of consumer report grids.

Although the focus of each group is directed to one particular point of the general framework, care has been taken to ensure that work across the two groups is consistent with the framework as a whole.