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Composition and structuring of test material

The final test-kit includes at least a test suite, i.e. a carefully composed and structured set of inputs. The test suite will correspond to the set of error examples we have already discussed, as follows:

The correct inputs can be constructed according to general language rules or taken from excerpts of corpora, or be devised from a combination of these two. Likewise, the erroneous inputs as well as the deliberately misleading type of input can be constructed in the same manner. We do, however, stress that all erroneous or misleading input should be checked against non-proofed texts, and ideally supplemented with real-life occurences.

One obvious shortcoming of this method is its limited ability to control and substantially check the effect of interacting phenomena. To that end, a set of random sample texts (non-proofread real texts) must also be included in the test-kit.