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User case examples

Translation Company: Transbus/Sweden.

"Swedish mid-sized translation company"

Status: questionnaire received with feasible answers, requires one telephone interview. In reserve, I am waiting for response from Donnelley Language Services/Netherlands.

Organization with internal translation department: LM Ericsson, Sweden.

"Large Swedish electronics company"

Status: questionnaire received with feasible content, requires one telephone interview. In reserve I have the response from Bull/France, which has feasible content.

Bilingual organization: Vaisala Oy, Finland.

"Mid-sized Finnish electronics company"

Status: questionnaire sent, response promised by week 15. In reserve I have their responses to an earlier questionnaire.

International organization: WHO.

"Large international organization with headquarters? in Switzerland"

Status: I am cooperating on this with Olivier Pasteur. No reserve source here.

Public organization: Swiss Chancery.

"Swiss public organization"

Status: Questionnaire received with feasible content on April 8th. May require a short telephone interview.

Free-lance translator: Canadian/Quebecan survey.

Status: Report received April 8th. If the report proves inadequate, I will try to supplement/complement it with interviews here in Finland with the help of Lauri Carlson. There might possibly be a similar report made in France.