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In this section, we have briefly outlined the KBAS-TW scenario, i.e. a sketch of an architecture for a workbench for technical writers, which will support the technical writer in various ways during the process of document production, starting with initial planning, data and information collection, their arrangement in terms of a document structure, the actual document writing, and ending with a ready-to-print document. The project described is still in progress and the final solutions to the different problem areas are not yet fixed in all details.

Nevertheless, our opinion is that this project will have a great impact on the development of efficient and cost-effective solutions and computational means for the process of commercial document production for technical writers, especially because to our knowledge this field has received very little attention in the direction of knowledge-based systems (at least in Europe).

We have focussed on the definition and the realisation of a knowledge base, which provides the various knowledge types for KBAS-TW. Its integration and use in the document production process and its communication interfaces in the overall scenario were briefly discussed. To some extent, we have also demonstrated that the sharing of knowledge sources across projects should be feasible. Based on the different design stages, we are also able to define appropriate evaluation techniques for such systems, which in addition will guide the revision of certain design decisions. We look at this aspect in the following section.