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Return to the requester

Once translation is completed, the translation is returned by e-mail to the requester. We have already mentioned that some requesting services are not yet very familiar with e-mail, and that difficulties can be experienced at this point. This is obviously a problem that time and a change in work habits will cure.

A greater problem from the point of view of the translator is that of obtaining feedback. It is worth pointing out that the requester is not normally the end user of the translation, and indeed may not know the language the text has been translated into.

It has already been mentioned that some units cooperate with specialised organisations in the Member States in order to get feedback, and that some individual translators occasionally attend the meetings where their translations are used for the same purpose, but no general solution to the problem has yet been found.

It has been suggested that each translation should be accompanied by a form explicitly requesting feedback, but the suggestion has not been tried out and it is difficult to see how useful it would be in practice.