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Training in computer tools

The SdT is heavily computerized, as we have already noticed. This implies considerable training needs. In particular, the migration from the Unix based architecture to the new PC-based client server architecture created special training needs, amounting to more than 6'000 student/days. This large training effort started at the beginning of 1993 and will not finish until the end of 1995. It constitutes a heavy burden for the language Units, who have had to call on colleagues in other departments and sometimes on outside help.

An effort of this size is exceptional, but it should be noted that any new software which is installed brings with it a training requirement. The evaluation of new tools also brings with it smaller scale one-off training requirements for those who will be involved in the evaluation.

Workshops on the use of office aids are organised regularly, and the SdT organises its own training courses in the use of CELEX. Courses on project management are aimed specifically at the computer staff and at project leaders.

During 1994 six half-day seminars on new tools and their use, including the possibilities offered by the new computing environment, were organised for the Heads of Unit and their deputies. More advanced seminars on the use of some of the new tools will be organised in 1995.