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Attribute of software that bears on the presence and appropriateness of a set of functions for specified tasks. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.1.1)

Attributes of software that bear on the provision of right or agreed results or effects. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.1.2)

Attributes of software that bear on its ability to interact with specified systems. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.1.3)

NOTE -- Interoperability is used in place of compatibility in order to avoid possible ambiguity with replaceability. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.1.3)

Attributes of software that make the software adhere to application related standards or conventions or regulations in laws and similar prescriptions. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.1.4)

Attributes of software that bear on its ability to prevent unauthorized access, whether accidental or deliberate, to programs and data. (ISO 9126: 1991, A.2.1.5)