University of Geneva ISLE Project

MTEval Workshop
Geneva, 19-24 April 2001

"An Invitation to Get Your Hands Dirty!"

University of Geneva

This webpage provides links to documents and data used at
the Workshop on Machine Translation Evaluation organized by
ISSCO - University of Geneva, on April 19-24, 2001.

For a general description and documents related to the ISLE Project
Evaluation Working Group, please visit the group's webpage at

The ISLE Taxonomy for MT Evaluation can be found at:

Program | Call for participation

Introductory and final talks

Florence Reeder

Introduction to MT evaluation ( HTML | MSPowerPoint).

Description of evaluation tasks ( HTML | MSPowerPoint).

Description of results expected from teams ( HTML | MSPowerPoint).

About the NAACL Workshop on MTE, June 3, 2001 ( HTML | MSPowerPoint).

Points for the final discussion ( HTML | MSPowerPoint).

Maghi King

Standards work related to evaluation - hand-out ( HTML | MSWord).

John White

The DARPA Scale for MT Evaluation ( HTML | MSPowerPoint).

See also group7.

Andrei Popescu-Belis

Formal framework for NLP evaluation ( PDF).

Tentative conclusion of the workshop ( PDF).

Participants and reports

List of participants, affiliations and emails [password protected]

Formats: Plain text | MSExcel

List of participants, teams and tasks

Formats: HTML | MSWord

Two pictures of the whiteboard

Friday | Tuesday

Group 1

HTML | MSPowerPoint

Group 2

HTML | MSPowerPoint
Numeric data:
Tabulated text | MSExcel spreadsheet

Group 3

HTML | MSPowerPoint

Group 4

HTML | MSPowerPoint

Group 5

HTML | MSPowerPoint

Group 6


Group 7

HTML | MSPowerpoint (1.1 MB)

Data [password protected]

Pictures from the conference [password protected]

Andrei Popescu-Belis
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