Astre, Marijo

Freelance translator / student

MTE new

Translation memory

System little bit better

French, English, Spanish

Braun-Chen, Francine

EC translation branch

Working in MT 15 years

Launch a new call for tenders came to learn about MT, MT evaluation

Translator à MT

German, French, English, Chinese

Access to EC MT system

Evaluation software as it is

Some texts in several languages

Bruckner, Christine

U. Munich

Studying for PhD in linguistics

Translation memory


Post-graduate studies in MT

German, English, Spanish

Civil, Anna

Sail Labs

Develop MT systems

Translation quality evaluations for development cycles

Linguist (computational)

English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese

Dabbadie, Marianne

Paris LexiQuest (ELRI) Product evaluation

Evaluation general interest

New methodologies

Question-answering and IR systems

Cross-language evaluations (CLIR)

Computational linguist

French, Spanish, English

de la Fuente, Ester


El Hadi, W.M.

U. of Lille

Language engineering for information systems


NLP evaluation term extraction tools

Semantic relation extractors, classifiers

Learn more and share

Brought 2 corpora bilingual index

How far can systems provided give parallel corpora

French, English, Arabic

Forner, Monika

L&H (Mendez, Inc.)

Formally Globallink

Trying to sell off L&H as a unit

Used to be MT system

Come from spell-checkers, grammar-checkers

Trying to look at using MT in a translation business

Want to learn about MT and how to use it as a basis for HT

Linguistics professor / NLP

English, German, French, Spanish

Gates, Donna


Spoken language translation

Interlingual representations

MT for a long time ~15 years

Internal evaluations to learn more about evaluation

Spanish, English

Have access to CMU data (conversational)

Translation grading tool

Hartley, Tony

U. Brighton

Teach MT, informal evaluation of MT systems


Cross-pollination between NLG, MT

Controlled languages

English, French, German, Spanish

Magdalen, Josemina

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

PhD in NLP

Worked on building MT systems

Robust parsing interest

Building framework for parsing for different applications

Romanian, Hebrew, English, French

Marrafa, Palmira

U. Lisbon

Just in evaluation

Computational Linguistics

Worked in MT a long time ago

EUROTRA Portuguese

Miller, Keith


Dissertation in MT evaluation part of dissertation

English, French

Mohanty, Sanghamitra


Murgida, Jackie


Plitt, Mirko

Autodesk software publishing company

Implementation of MT system for product support web-site 5 million word corpus

Evaluation needed to measure if real improvement of MT system

Corpus to be translated on the fly

No way to evaluate system yet

Software testing approach to evaluation

Measured usability

German, English, French, Spanish

Can get corpus of data (his) and system

Rajman, Martin

SFIT Natural language activity

Evaluation General interest

Tagging systems

Practical experience in evaluation campaigns

French, English, German, Czech

Reeder, Flo


Ribeiro, Antonio

U. Lisbon

Alignment of parallel texts

European Commission for Systran

French, Portuguese, English

Computer Science, NLP, NLG, MT

German, Spanish

Rodrigo Yuste, Elia

UMIST à University of Zurich


Translator trainer


MTE is needed for translator work-flow evaluation

Did some evaluation in masters course need to learn more

From viewpoint of translator / translator trainers

Difficult to incorporate technology into the work flow

English, Catalan, Spanish

Timimi, Ismail


Underwood, Nancy

CST Copenhagen

EAGLES Evaluation Working Group

Work flow of translation

How to decide when to use MT

Get towards a proper method of evaluation

Developing grammars for MT / dialogue systems

Danish, English, Norweigan

Brought a bit of Danish text

White, John

Siemens METAL

DARPA HLT evaluation of MT

Try to measure them left us with parallel data

Could be a linguist

Spanish, English

Starlander, Marion

Evaluation of grammar / spelling checker


Working in MT a while

Swedish, French, German, English

King, Maghi


MT professor

Software engineer à Chomsky compiler theory

Could apply compiler theory to NL

Worked with Yorick Wilks on semantic-based MT system

EAGLES since the beginning

How do we do a decent evaluation?

English, French, Italian, German (basic survival)

Manzi, Sandra


EAGLES initiative on evaluation of spelling and grammar checkers


Lots of feedback expected

Translator, MT researcher, CL

Italian, French, English, Germanic



PhD in Computer Science

Reference resolution evaluation of PhD

ISLE working group

ISLE metadata package

Computational resources

English, French, Romanian, Italian, German, Arabic






W. H. El Hadi

M Dabbadie

I. Timimi


  1. Evaluate Reverso translation on French corpus
    1. Basic dictionary
    2. Customized terminology
  2. Perform comparative evaluation after terminological customization

A. Civil

F. Braun-Chen

E. Yuste

M. Starlander

M. Astre




Maybe Danish?

Comparative evaluation of 2 or 3 MT systems for translation and non-translation purposes

K. Miller

D. Gates

J. Magdalen

N. Underwood




Task-based (Gisting) ISLE evaluation

T. Hartley

M. Rajman



Study the correlation between a task dependant score (such as the F-score for IE) and the MT evaluation scores (such as fluency and adequacy). Work based on the DARPA-94 corpus

P. Marrafa

A. Ribeiro



Evaluation of collocation and subordinated clauses

C. Bruckner

M. Plitt


Evaluation of the usage of an MT system (Systran) within the localization process, with the view of using MT output as TM input.

J. White

M. Forner



Looking at the affects of specific grammatical categories to overall scoring.