Papers accepted to MTE@MTS

Christine Bruckner
Mirko Plitt
Evaluating the Operational Benefit of Using Machine Translation Output as Translation Memory Input in the Translation Process of Software as Documentation
Tony Hartley
Martin Rajman
Predicting the Fluency of MT Output from its Parsabilty
Palmira Marrafa
Antonio Ribeiro
Quantitative Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems: Sentence Level
Monika Forner
John White
Predicting MT fidelity from noun-compound handling
Keith Miller et al. Evaluating MT Output without Knowledge of the Source Language
Widad Mustafa El Hadi
Ismail Timimi
Marianne Dabbadie
Setting a Methodology for Machine Translation Evaluation
Andrei Popescu-Belis
Sandra Manzi
Maghi King
Towards a Two-stage Taxonomy for Machine Translation Evaluation
Florence Reeder In One Hundred Words or Less
Florence Reeder
Keith Miller
Jennifer Doyon
John S. White
The Naming of Things and the Confusion of Tongues: an MT Metric
Michelle Vanni
Keith Miller
Scoring Methods for Multi-Dimensional Measurement of Machine Translation Quality
Elia Yuste Rodrigo
Francine Braun-Chen
Comparative Evaluation of the Linguistic Output of MT Systems for Translation and Information/Browsing Purposes
John S. White Predicting Intelligibility from Fidelity in MT Evaluation

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