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Project summary

Web-based learning is a particularly promising paradigm for translation students and professional translators. Whereas language technology is an integral part of the translation industry, it has received too little attention in translation curricula. Translators need to understand the underlying concepts and techniques in order to appreciate, use and follow technology developments. Web-based modules can provide this knowledge in a more flexible, building-block approach, combining face-to-face and virtual interaction with targeted exercises.

The project will develop translation technology modules to be used
  • as an integral part of the translator curricula
  • as extended courses for related fields (e.g. computational linguistics)
  • as (adapted) modules for continuing education for professionals
These courses will help to overcome the problems of too few technology courses in the standard academic program (at the Swiss as well as international level) and the urgent need for professionals to follow new technology developments. Moreover, given that the medium (use of the Web) is also, in part, the target of the training, the motivation for these courses is reinforced. Remote (web-based)-translation is emerging as a field in its own right.

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