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Members & roles

The “Ecole de traduction et d’interprétation” (ETI) at the University of Geneva is a world-renowned school for translation training with a recognized expertise in translation technology and evaluation. The Department of Multilingual Information Processing offers a wide range of courses in translation technology at the undergraduate level as well as graduate programs in terminology and computer-assisted translation and an on-line certification program for interpretation teaching. The ETI has long-standing ties with European, national and international organizations and is regularly called on as consultant and to teach technology courses in these institutions. 

The Institute of Computational Linguistics at the University of Zürich (UniZH) provides expertise in the underlying concepts for technology developments (in particular, innovative on-line test tools and virtual experiments) and experience in the evaluation of existing technologies. The institute also has experience in Web-based teaching and multi-channel publishing. 

The Zurich University of Applied Studies (ZHW), Department of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Sciences, is the second institution of higher education in Switzerland offering a degree in translation. The Department brings expertise in computational linguistics for translators, evaluation of translation technology and practical experience in teaching for the translation profession. Currently an e-learning course for basic applications is being developed (in cooperation with the ZHW e-learning group). This course will be adapted and re-used by other Departments of the ZHW. Courses on computer-aided translation (cf. course list: Sprachtechnologie für Übersetzer), which also contain e-learning elements are offered to translation students and professional translators.

Star AG is a Swiss translation agency active in the global market. The company has developed one of the leading translation tools and has practical experience in both using and teaching this technology. The company provides the professional perspective on translation technology competence and will make its software and course material available to the consortium.

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