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Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur (ZHW)

With 2,600 students and 14 degree programs in architecture, technology, business, and languages, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur ZHW is Switzerland's largest multidisciplinary university of applied sciences. Founded in 1998, ZHW is the result of the merger of three educational institutions - the Winterthur Polytechnic, the Zurich School of Economics and Business Administration, and the Zurich School for Translation and Interpretation. In addition to its undergraduate programs, ZHW offers a wide range of continuing education opportunities - 11 graduate degree programs, around 50 graduate-level courses, and 100 other courses. Our portfolio also covers applied research and development as well as a variety of services, including consultancy, expert reports, special studies, and product development. Our research activities encompass all the subject areas taught at ZHW. Through its institutes and centers, ZHW works closely with partners from industry, business, and the public sector. Our contacts with specialists from a number of fields and our wide-ranging in-house expertise mean that we can develop projects on a true interdisciplinary basis. While the knowledge gained from our R&D is transferred directly to our teaching - an essential part of ZHW's mandate.

School of Communication (former Department Applied Linguistics and Cultural Sciences)

The School of Communication offers communication writ large: intercultural, professional, corporate, and journalistic. It is also responsible for ensuring that all ZHW students, whatever their specialization, acquire exceptional communicative competence. Alongside their undergraduate and graduate-level teaching commitments, the school's institutes and centers are involved in numerous research and development projects. Here the emphasis is on translation, media communication, and communicative competence.

ZHW partner leader
About Susanne J. Jekat

She is lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur. Her research interests include Computational Linguistics, Evaluation of NLP systems, E-Learning, First and Second Language Acquisition Neurolinguistics, Translation Theory and Machine Translation.
She received a Ph.D. in language acquisition (subject: Time Concept and Time Reference in Bilingual - French/German - Children).