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Online Demos, Tools and Resources

During the course of our work, we have developed several demos that are available online, as well as several tools that are freely available to download. Where applicable, the relevent licences are downloaded directly with the software.

Online Demos Tools to Download Resources

Online demos

ISLE - Transfer conditions database Sylex - Outil de consultation multilingue des textes fédéraux Med Tag - Free text Medical Document Retrieval by using terminological resources and statistical linguistics

Tools to download

Quality Model Builder (QMB) - allows software designers and end-users to develop a hierarchical quality model to help in the evaluation of complex software. Relative Ordering Tool for Evalutaion (ROTE) - is designed to help end-users rank the relative importance of their user requirements in order to guide software developers as to the priorities that should be attached to individual requirements. MULTEXT
Other Tools at ISSCO


This file contains anonymized logged speech data collected from Swiss German secondary school students using a version of the CALL-SLT application ( The experiment is described in the paper "Using a Serious Game to Collect a Child Learner Speech Corpus" by C. Baur, M. Rayner and N. Tsourakis, which appeared in the proceedings of LREC 2014, Reykjavik, Iceland (