Answers to Reflection Questions

1. What is the difference between the List and Details view?
The Details view gives you information about the size of the file, the type of file and when it was created, which the List view does not.

2. What can you get with the Thumbnails or Filmstrip view that you can't get with any other view?
A preview of any image files that are in the folder.

3. What is the difference between closing a window and hiding it?

When you hide a window, the application/folder/file is still open, but not visible. When you close a window, you also close the application/folder/file.

4. Can you create a folder on any drive you want from the My Computer window?

No. You can't create anything of drives like the CD or DVD drive without special software.

5. In the example above (section Amount of Space on your computer under Desktop), how much free space is there left on the computer in total?
45.2 GB

6. Are the files MyFile.doc and MyFile.txt are the same file because they are both called MyFile?
No, they're not the same file because they have different extensions.

7. When you use Save or the Ctrl-S shortcut can you select the location to which you want to save the file?
No, these options only let you save the file under the same name, with the same type and to the same location as the original file.

8. You create a backup of your file MyTranslation.txt. You then modify the original by adding a new paragraph, and save it. Then, you accidentally delete the file and empty the recycle bin. You have now lost MyTranslation.txt. But, you have the backup, which you load into your computer. Will the version of MyTranslation.txt that you just loaded on your computer contain the last paragraph that you added?
No. The last paragraph was added after the backup was made, so the backup will not contain it.

9. Why is it a good idea to make a backup of your files before making any major changes to your computer, or traveling with your computer?
If something happens to your computer - for example files are erased or overwritten when you install a new program, or your computer is stolen or damaged during travel - you still have a copy of your files, which you can put back on the computer later.