These days you will find that you spend a lot of time with your computer connected to a network, or the internet, or being used in public places. While this gives you a lot of flexibility in how and where you work, it also exposes your computer to more hazards such as malicious applications that can damage its content, or to people using your computer for their own purposes without your knowledge. In this section we go through the basics of how to protect your computer from such problems.


Note: the notion of security also includes the physical security of your computer. Never leave your computer unattended in a public area, even for a very short period of time - it only takes a few seconds for someone to steal it.  



  • locking (password protecting) your computer - how to activate password protection
  • firewalls - what they are and how to activate them
  • viruses and anti-virus applications - what viruses, worms and Trojan horses are, and how to protect yourself against them
  • internet security - how to keep your privacy and protect yourself from unwanted intruders and email scams