Services at the ETI and UniGe


The Division Informatique of the University of Geneva has made available online a large body of information about how to use the computer environment at the university, which resources are available and how you can access those resources both from computers at the university and from your personal computer. Some of the most relevant pages are listed below. We strongly encourage you to read through them to get a feeling for the options that are available to you and how you can best use them to help you with your studies.

Main help page for students:

Where and how to access computer resources:

Tools and software:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

There are a four topics that we will cover in more detail in this tutorial since they are the ones that are the most immediately relevant to your studies.


  • your private space (H:) at the ETI - what it is and how to access it
  • email - accessing university email using Mozilla Thunderbird and Webmail
  • changing the language settings of your computer
  • creating a PDF file