Paula Estrella
Paula Estrella

Abbreviated CV

I succesfully defended my thesis in December 2008 and sometime soon I'll join the Computer science dept. at the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics in Cordoba, Argentina.
You can still contact me at pestrella_at_gmail_dot_com

I was a researcher at ISSCO/TIM  since February 2005 when I started a PhD thesis on context-based evaluation of machine translation systems. The project related to the thesis is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and you'll find a short description here.
As part of the project I developed the new interfaces for FEMTI (Framework for the Evaluation of Machine Translation in ISLE) and an interface where "experts" can define links between contexts of use and quality characteristics; you are welcome to try it here.

I'm also involved in the IM2 project, DMA group, where I focus on the generation of metadata for the multimedia / multimodal meeting corpus AMI; from the corpus' annotations and other files, I generated a metadata corpus in the IMDI standard format and it's available for the IM2 participants.
I also participated in the TransTec project, where I was basically the technical support, testing e-learning platforms and  XML-based standards for e-learning. We were a sort of pioneers in the use of the Moodle e-learning platform at ETI and now it is the University of Geneva hosting all the courses.

I obtained the equivalent of a masters (Licenciatura in Computer Science) at the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics in Córdoba, Argentina. The final project was the development of an MT system built with free tools, trained with parallel data crawled from the internet and using stemming to translate from Spanish to English; of course it didn't work perfectly but it was fun working on that.

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