Lonneke van der Plas

Since March 2008 I am working at the LATL. (http://www.unige.ch/lettres/linguistique/php/collaborateurs.php?sn=VAN%20DER%20PLAS)


  • (IM)2.MDM, which is part of the project (IM) 2. Interactive Multimodal Information Management. The main goal of the project is to foster research in the field of multimodal human computer interaction. (IM)2.MDM deals with multilingual dialogue management and interface agents. Right now I am working on automatic keyword extraction for spoken data using two different methods: one based on the theory of lexical chains and semantic similarity (using the EDR electronic dictionary as a resource) and the other based on relative frequency ratio. I have presented a poster at the IM2 Summer Institute (6-8 October 2003) which can be found here .
  • Parmenides, a project in the area of knowledge/information management funded by the IST programme.


What did I do before?


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