Gilbert Robert
Tel. Office: (+41 022) 705.8686

Professional experience

1990 - present
ISSCO, Dalle Molle Institut of Semantic and Cognitive Studies, University of Geneva.
President of the Association: GULL, the French-Swiss "Linux User Group".
System administrator
1991 - 2003 In charge of the administration and maintenance of local area network, connected to network of the University of Geneva, connecting UNIX workstations (Sun Sparc/Solaris 2.* & SunOS4.1. * & Linux) and PCs (Windows95).
Backups, NIS+, NFS, Samba, E-Mail, WEB servers (Webmaster) and FTP.
Engineer Researcher
1996-2002 Project Sylex of the Federal Chancellery.
Study and development of a programme to index and consult multilingual systematic collection of federal rights through the Internet.
1997-2002 Study and development of a programme to index and consult a medical corpus using linguistic informations through the Internet.
1997-2001 European Project: MLIS, DicoPro,
Redefinition and adaptation of DICO to the World Wide Web with an interface written in object language Java.
-Development of a uniform, cross-platform tool to enable translators and other language professionals connected to an intranet to consult dictionaries and related lexical data from multiple sources
-Exploration and assessment of various distribution and licensing schemes for electronic dictionaries uch that usability and convenience of the end-user is balanced with the need to protect the property of publishers
1991-1996 DICO Project, Prize winner of the Swiss National Contest "Switzerland Crossroads of Technologies 95' "
Design and implementation of a lexical data server on the Internet network.
DICO is designed using the model client/server based on TCP/IP. Implementation of an interface conforms to the specification of CORBA 2 with ORB-to-ORB for Java and C, and study of various techniques of authentification, encoding and electronic payment.
1994-1996 European Project MULTEXT Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora (Linguistic Research & Engineering)
Realization of the module of clarification of the fields morphosyntactic ( TAGGER), based on the stochastic models of Markov.
1990-1992 Collaboration with projects of recovery and formatting (structure SGML) of lexical resources and corpus.
Technical skills

Languages: C - C++ - Java - Javascript - Perl - SGML - HTML - Tcl/Tk/Expect - Languages Unix - Prolog - Lisp.
Systems: Unix (SunOs4.1.*, Solaris 2.6) - Linux - TCP/IP - X11 - Windows(3.11, 95, NT).


1998 - Seminar " Security in distributed Systems" - Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne(CH).
1996 - Postgraduate Diploma, Networks Communication" - Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne(CH).
1994 - Postgraduate Diploma, in data processing " Information retrieval" - Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne(CH).
1989 - Control of Data processing - Campus of Luminy in Marseille(F).
1988 - License of Data processing - Campus of Luminy in Marseille(F).
1987 - License of Mathematics (level) - Faculty of Luminy in Marseille(F).
1984 - Baccalaureat Series ' E' Scientifique and Technical - Aix-en-Provence(F).

Further training
1994 - 3rd French cycle of data processing, school of spring, Anzère: "Information retrieval"
1994 - 3rd French cycle of data processing, seminar "intelligent Systems in search for information"
French: first language
English: Professional competency.

Publications & Theses & Lecture Experience

1997 - Lecture (course): " Course on Internet for translators and interpreters "
Training at the University of Geneva and at the Chancelerie Fédérale in Bern.
1997 - META Newspaper of the translators Vol.42 N2 Juin97 " DICO: A tool for consultation of dictionary in network ".
1996 - " HotDico " - Robert, Petitpierre
Postgraduate diploma in " Communication and Network ", EPFL.
1995 - " DICO - a tool for consultation of dictionary in network " Robert,
IVe Scientific workshops of network LTT, Lexicomatique and Dictionnairiques, Lyon.
1995 - "Tools for Share-of-Speech Tagging" Armstrong, Bubble, Robert.
1995 - "Open Year Structures for Multilingual Text Processing" Armstrong, Russell, Petitpierre, Robert
Acl Sigdat Workshop, Dublin Ireland.
1995 - "Tagger, Deliverable 2.4.1b" Armstrong, Robert. European Community project MULTEXT.
1994 - "Improvement of Full-Text search on the basis of morphological knowledge ",
Postgraduate diploma in information retrieval, EPFL.
1992 - "DICO - A network based dictionary consultation tool" SGAICO' 92.
Other Activities

Sports: Tennis (training courses and tournaments) - Ski - Scuba Diving - Sailing (federal monitor) - Rowing
Various: Saxophone - Photography (Black&White).