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MagnaStar, Javology.
The Online eZine of Java News and Opinion

Roasted Java News
JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community
Digital Espresso A weekly summary of information about the Java language culled from mailing lists and news groups (over 2,000 messages per week!).
Cafe Au Lait, FAQ
Welcome to Cafe au Lait, the preeminent independent source of Java information on the net. Unlike many other Java sites, Cafe au Lait is neither beholden to specific companies nor to advertisers. Java resources you'll find here include FAQ lists, tutorials, course notes, examples, and more. This site is updated more or less daily.
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General Sites

Digital Cats Java Resource Center.

Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory Earthweb's Gamelan is one of the premier sites on the Internet for finding applets and information about the JavaTM language.
JARS the Java Applet Rating Service, is another of our haunts for discovering the new and innovative in the world of Java development.
EarthWeb Chat Over 10,000 Webmasters are already using EarthWeb Chat to build online communities, making EarthWeb Chat the Net's most popular Java chat. With just a few lines of HTML, you can add a LIVE Java chat room to any Web page.
Cup O' Joe
repository with nice WWW interface
maintains a job market and provides lots of links
Java Oasis
The Java Oasis is a repository for free Java related software and documentation. We, the Java Oasis Team, tried to restrict ourselfs to software and documentation which is of interest especially for developers.
Pro Toolkits
The Java Development Kit (JDK)
The Java Development Kit (JDK) contains what you need to start programming in Java, and is free.
SUN Internet WorkShop
With JavaTM WorkShopTM you can Javatize your Web pages with dynamic interactive applets created with little or no code, by leveraging pre-built Java applets. Or build stand-alone applications that run anywhere the Java runtime virtual machine runs. With Java WorkShop you can fly through the development process and bring your Internet applications to life.
Symantec Café
Symantec Internet Tools Strategy including JDK 1.1 Functionality
Roaster Technologies
Welcome to Roaster Technologies, the home of Java solutions for amateurs and professionals alike. If it's been awhile since you've last visited, you've probably noticed that we've undergone some changes to our website... we hope you like them!
Visual J++
Microsoft Visual J++ Professional Edition is the Java environment of choice for serious developers. It gives you all the tools and information to quickly build exciting Java applications, including support for Microsoft ActiveX technology allowing you to easily integrate Java with existing business systems. With the fastest Java compiler, unmatched graphical debugger, comprehensive documentation, coding wizards and numerous samples, Visual J++ is the complete solution for power Java programming.
Kalimatan a Java programming environment
Kalimantan (formerly known as Espresso) is a collection of basic tools designed to simplify the task of constructing servicable applications and applets using Sun's Java(tm) programming language. Kalimantan builds on the Sun-supplied Java API with a graphically-oriented interface to useful facilities. Kalimantan works with the JDK-1.0b2 and JDK-1.0, and has been tested under Solaris 2.4 and up, and Windows '95.
Borland's JBuilder
Only JBuilder delivers the most comprehensive set of true visual development tools for creating 100% Pure Java business applications, with scalable database tools, complete JDBC connectivity and over 100 reusable JavaBean components with source code.
Jakarta Development Environment
Supporting COM is great, wonderful, cool, boffo but you need more than just a compiler and a virtual machine to be productive with Java. Jakarta includes a full-blown interactive development environment that will be integrated into the Microsoft Developer Studio. Soon Java will appear on the splash banner right up there next to Visual Test and FORTRAN. (Do people really program in FORTRAN any more?) Jakarta includes an interactive debugger, App Wizard for generating new Java apps or applets. Class View for browsing your classes, and easy tools for importing foreign classes, whether they be Java classes or COM objects.
SGI's Cosmo Code
Cosmo Code is an integrated set of powerful and highly visual tools for creating Java applications, applets, and classes. Cosmo Code 2.2 allows you to take full advantage of the latest version of the Java Development Kit, JDK 1.1, with support for Java Beans, the new AWT event model, and more...
Sybase/Powersoft's PowerJ
PowerJ is an enterprise application development system that uses Java and revolutionizes development for the Web, dramatically increasing your productivity for building, testing and deploying Java applets and applications. PowerJ helps you build and deploy real-world business applications in a multi-tier distributed computing environment. It leverages features of the award-winning Power++™ to provide you with a highly productive, component-based development system with drag-and-drop programing, scalable database connectivity, and simplified server development.
Innovative's OEW
Welcome to OEW for Java V2.0, the next generation of Innovative Software's power productivity toolkit for the professional Java programmer!
Stunning new features like a full Java decompiler and extensive support for POET databases, combined with OEW's unequaled reverse egineering technology and a state-of-the-art user interface with many new Wizards for common tasks, confirm OEW's status as the leading designer´s workbench!
Step Ahead's JAVelin Javelin (tm) is the world's slickest graphical object oriented programming tool for JAVA because it makes object oriented programming seem so natural and easy. It takes care of all the object oriented files and presents to you an uncluttered, intuitive visual design slate.
Rogue Wave's JFactory
JFactory complements your Java compiler by providing an intuitive visual interface builder for Java. Now at version 1.1 for Win32, SPARC Solaris, and OS/2 (1.0.1 for HP-UX). JFactory is a widely-used interface design environment for building Java applications and applets.
PRO-C's, WinGEN for Java
WinGEN for Java is the world's first true Java source code generator for building platform independant Internet, Intranet(Client/Server), and database applications. WinGEN for Java offers users the ability to interactively design and automatically generate applications for any Java enabled platform. From beginners to experienced Internet designers,developers and corporate users, WinGEN for Java offers users the ability to create truly platform independant applications.
TakeFive's, SNiFF+
SNiFF+ is an open, extensible and scalable cross-platform programming environment for C, C++, FORTRAN, JavaTM, CORBA IDL and other languages. The main goal in developing SNiFF+ was to create an efficient and portable environment with a comfortable user interface. SNiFF+ is tailored for large multi-developers projects.

BulletProof, JDesigner (java applications)
BulletProof's leading Java development system is new and improved - now with complete JavaBeans support and our unique Interaction ManagerTM for visual coding. Use JDesignerPro to create Intranet and Internet Java database applications. JDesignerPro is the Java system which combines both the development environment and deployment server in a single, integrated package.

Thought: Java Prog Tool
The Premier Purveyor of Powerful Programming Tools for the Java Developer.

Voyager Voyager is the world's first 100% Java agent-enhanced Object Request Broker (ORB). Voyager allows Java programmers to quickly and easily create sophisticated network applications using both traditional and agent-enhanced distributed programming techniques.
The Java Centre Applets - The J files

The Java Developer
This site is intended as a no-nonsense resource for Java programmers to share information about Java. All areas of Java development will be covered, focusing on real-world applications of the language. It is intended for developers and programmers of all levels.
Markus Reith's Java Developer's Page

Java Developer Connection
Membership in the Java Developer Connection is free and provides access to many services and programs to help you develop your Internet and intranet applications. These services include: technical support information, discussion forums, training and special events, product discounts, and convenient access to Java documentation.
SGBD Tools
Joe: Developing Client/Server Applications for the Web
SunSoft's Joe. Joe connects Java based Web clients to the business logic and data tiers in a three-tier architecture. Joe supports location independent Web clients and access to services in a language neutral manner. Joe also supports client/server interaction without funneling all client calls through the HTTP server.
JDBC Database Access API
JavaSoft has developed a standard SQL database access interface, the JDBC API. This API provides Java programmers with a uniform interface to a wide range of relational databases, and provides a common base on which higher level tools and interfaces can be built. JDBC is now a standard part of Java and is included in JDK 1.1.
Jagg ODBC Engine
JAGG includes a Java client piece and a server-side piece which translate and transmit SQL statements across the Web or Intranet. JAGG retrieves data from any JDBC/ODBC database and returns it to your Java applet.
MsqlJava is a Java class library that allows applications or applets to access and manipulate mSQL databases. It implements most of the mSQL C API. Those already familiar with developing mSQL clients should have little difficulty adapting to this library. Others should refer to the MsqlJava tutorial and documentation referenced below.
Data Access Solutions with JdbcT3 and jdbcKona
WebLogic's JdbcT3, designed to operate within the WebLogic T3Server multitier framework, is a pure-Java implementation of JDBC. Because it's 100%-Java and requires no client-side library installation, JdbcT3 is appropriate for use in applets.
Use JDBTools 2.0 to deliver your first mission critical Java database application with the right functionality, right on schedule. Like DBTools.h++, our popular C++ database access library, JDBTools 2.0 delivers sophisticated database access and manipulation capabilities from an intuitive, object-oriented API. JDBTools 2.0 is pure Java, and builds on important Java language standards such as JDBC, as well as SQL standards and relational constructs. In addition, JDBTools 2.0 provides a sophisticated class hierarchy that enhances JDBC.
InterNetivity Inc., dbProbe Written in 100% pure Java, dbProbe is a cross-platform, corporate-wide tool for sales analysis, statistical analysis, financial analysis, inventory analysis, or any other application, such as a data warehouse, that requires multidimensional data analysis (also known as On-line Analytical Processing, or OLAP).
Java Object Persistence
Java Object Persistence (JOP) allows complex Java objects to be saved and retrieved to a relational database or random access file. Full source code is included

DICO is a tool to consult multiple dictionaries on a computer network. It is designed to accommodate various dictionary representations. In addition to a set of basic searching mechanisms, it allows easy addition of custom indexes making it valuable for lexicographers and computational linguists. Lexical entries may be viewed in many customizable formats. Its client-server architecture has many advantages, in particular: only one copy of the data is needed on a network, client user interfaces can be targeted for specific computer environments. Currently two interfaces are available, for X-window and for full-screen terminals. This tool is in operation on the campus of the University of Geneva and currently offers nine mono- and bi-lingual dictionaries for consultation.

Interactive Subway Map
This Applet computes subway routes for different cities around the world. It loads a small database for each town and can load also a map. Given the database, the applet presents a user-friendly interface to the subway network, displaying stations name into small pop-up windows, and providing an alphabetical list of all stations.
But the main feature is that this applet really computes the route from one departure station to an arrival station (the applet is completly independant and does not use any cgi script), and graphicaly displays the found route.
HotSIBIL is a lively example of what the Java TN3270 libraries and emulator can do for Intranet-Internet TN3270 sessions. HotSIBIL provides access to SIBIL catalog, one of the largest bibliographic databases in Switzerland. SIBIL is TN3270 application available in a traditional text based environement which was created some twenty years ago, and is in wide use today as it references over 2 million titles.
WebMailer Home Page
WebMailer is a Java applet, a small application that you can put on a web page. You can put WebMailer on a page, and receive email messages that are sent to you by people that see your page. WebMailer is highly configurable. You can design your own forms with text, textfields, checkboxes, popup menus, etc. You can use different colors, fonts, and you have full control over the layout of your form.

Avitek's Java WebContact Page
This application is designed to manage a distributed group's or association's membership list. Once the WebContact application is started please enter your name, address, and any comments in the Notes field in the Misc tabbed sheet.

UnJava: A J-code Disassembler
UnJava will disassemble Java .class files into HTML files with color coding and clickable links for branching between segments of code.
Java Compiler Compiler
JavaCC is a Java parser generator written in Java. It produces pure Java code. Both JavaCC and the parsers generated by JavaCC have been run on a variety of Java platforms. JavaCC comes with a bunch of grammars including both Java 1.0.2 and Java 1.1 as well as a couple of HTML grammars.
The Java Test Coverage Checker
avaScope is a test coverage checker for Java programs, developed by the same people that produced Java Compiler Compiler. JavaScope currently offers 4 code coverage metrics and 2 grammar coverage metrics. The grammar coverage metrics are tied in with Java Compiler Compiler. At least 3 of JavaScope's coverage metrics are not supported by any other test coverage tool for any language. JavaScope also offers basic profiling information. JavaScope should work well with any Java compiler/platform.