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After a diploma in Traslation from the ETI, and a Certificate in Machine Assited Translation from the same university, Sandra Manzi received her MSc in Knowledge Based Systems from the Artificial Intelligence department of the University of Edinburgh in 1990.

She has been with ISSCO since 1991.

She has been involved in a number of research projects, and has recently taken an interest in the further training courses ("cours de formation continue"), for web resources for translators (see the referring page with the courses currently proposed).

Research Work

She contributed to the prototype Machine Translation system ELU with a morphology and grammar components for the Italian module. She later developped the Italian morphology description for the mmorph (multext morphology) component (see the Multext project description for more information).

More recently, she has taken a special interest in the evaluation of NLP products. She has been involved in EAGLES (Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards) work since its beginning in 1993, and has managed the web version of its various reports.

She continued her involvment in evaluation with the EAGLES II project (1996-1999). In this framework, she participated in the EELS conference (European Evaluation of Language Systems) especially directed to harmonizing industry needs and academic research in view of evaluation language tools. For this project too, she edited and managed the final report.

An earlier project concerned with evaluation of language engineering products, TEMAA, focussed on authoring tools such as spelling and grammar checkers.

In relation with Translation technology, she was involved in the TransRouter project, which aimed to produce a decision support tool for translation managers.

She took part in an earlier project in the field of language engineering, TransTerm project, which was concerned with terminology processing.

She is currently working on the following projects:
ISLE, (2000-2003), a follow-up to the EAGLES initiatives.

Recent Publications

Recent Publications


Sandra can be reached by email at:;
by telephone: (+41)-(0)22-379.8680
by fax: (+41)-(0)22-379.8689

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Sandra Manzi
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