Marianne Starlander

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University of Geneva
40 bd. du Pont-d'Arve
CH-1211 Geneva 4

Tel: +41 22 379 8687
Fax: +41 22 379 8689
Office number: 6336
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Background and Research Interests

Currently a PhD candidate at the School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Geneva, I have always been interested in informatics and in how to help translators integrate tools in their daily life, which is why I specialized in natural language processing and in IT for translators. I joined the multilingual information processing department in 2000 where I worked as a teaching and research assistant and now as teaching staff (Chargée d'enseignement).

Originally trained as a translator (French, English, German), I also speak Spanish and Swedish fluently. I have obtained a post graduate degree in European studies from the European Institute of the University of Geneva (2000). I completed a post graduate degree in multilingual information processing at the School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Geneva in 2001.

I have been involved in the research project MedSLT since its start in October 2003. I am working on MedSLT for my thesis for which I contributed to add the Spanish version and am involved in evaluation.

Teaching Activities

I teach or am involved in the following courses:
  • A full list of publications can be found here.