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University of Geneva
40 bd. du Pont-d'Arve
CH-1211 Geneva 4

Tel: +41 22 379 8682
Office number: 6337
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Background and Research Interests

I have been a member of TIM/ISSCO since February 2007, where I am employed as a research associate. My research interests concentrate on the development and evaluation of multilingual multimodal dialogue systems on mobile devices. I am involved in the MedSLT and CALLSLT projects, and I have previously contributed to the Regulus and the IM2 projects. All of these projects are/were funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

At the moment, I am lead developer in the project "Web-Based Deployment of Speech-Enabled Applications for Medicine and Education", funded by the Ernest Boninchi Foundation.

I hold a BSc (5 years degree) in Computer Engineering, an MSc in Computer Engineering and an MSc in Engineering Management from TU Crete and a PhD in Multilingual Information Processing from the University of Geneva. Before joining TIM/ISSCO I worked as a software engineer developing telephone-based speech recognition applications. I also worked as a researcher on relevant technologies including automatic speech recognition and dictation systems, voice user interfaces and multimodal interaction at TSI. I also serve as an expert reviewer for the European Commission.

I am certified as a "Java 7 Professional Programmer" by Oracle, as a "C++ Associate Programmer" by the C++ Institute and as a "Professional Scrum Master I" by Between February and May 2012 I attended the "venture challenge" start-up training program offered by the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI (14 modules - 45 hours). I have also completed the "Advanced Voice User Interface Design" course offered by the Nuance Speech University.

Research Activities

I am/was involved in the following projects:


A full list of publications can be found here.

This is the manuscript of my PhD thesis entitled: "Development & Evaluation of Multilingual Multimodal Dialogue Systems on Mobile Devices". The presentation of my thesis defense created with HTML5 is available here and can be downloaded with this zip file. However, there are various issues when using different browsers and this is how it looks with Firefox: