Yalina Alphonse

I started working for ISSCO in June 2002. I worked on projects called FLAG and MedTag2. The latter was about the methodology for building an index into medical texts. It dealt with medical terminology, information retrieval and ontologies.
Now I'm involved into a project called IM2, in particular into the MDM module (Multimodal Dialog Management).  The task has to do with a Speech Recognition System (NUANCE). It is to recognise the vocal queries of a user on a dialog database. Semantic and Syntax along with Unification Grammar, so, are my primary concerns.

Current projects


University of Geneva
40 bd. du Pont-d'Arve
CH-1211 GENEVA 4

I can be reached by:

telephone: (41) (22) 379 8687
fax: (41) (22) 379 8689
e-mail: Yalina.Alphonse@issco.unige.ch

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